• Hat Improv<small><br> Thu 3/5 & 3/19<br> 4-6 pm</small>

Hat Improv
Thu 3/5 & 3/19
4-6 pm

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Never again scrounge around for a hat pattern that will fit your favorite head (or your favorite charity.) Stop trying to make your knitting style fit someone else’s gauge. Use the yarn you can’t find a pattern for.
Any yarn, any head, any time. Learn to improvise a hat and use that knowledge for a lifetime.


Instructor:  Jean


Prerequisites:  Basic knitting skills plus ability to do small-circumference circular knitting by any method.


Skills Learned:  Planning and making a custom-sized hat using easy math and basic knitting.


Homework:  None. We will work the swatch in class.


Materials Required:  100 grams of any yarn you choose. In the interest of time, worsted or larger would be best for the class. Needle size as recommended on ball band in 16" circular and set of dpns. You will alsso need a 16" circular in 2 sizes smaller than the main needle for the ribbing. 


All class materials must be purchased from Warm n Fuzzy.

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