• Mistakes 102 <br><small> Thu 3/26<br> 5-7 pm</small>

Mistakes 102
Thu 3/26
5-7 pm



Mistakes will happen. It’s inevitable. In every project from your first scarf to your umpteenth Fair Isle sweater, you will experience anything from a minor boo-boo to a fatal disaster. Knowing how to fix it (and when to give up and rip it out) will give you confidence and make knitting more fun. Come learn first aid and some minor surgery from Dr. Jean.


Instructor:  Jean Carter


Prerequisites:  basic knitting skills.  


Materials needed:  None!


Skills Learned:  Mistakes 102 takes mistakes-fixing to the next level. Now we will fix boo-boos that happened many rows ago. (Won’t it be nice to not have to take out 200 stitches to fix one?) Drop stitches with confidence? Yes, you can!

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