Here at Warm ‘n Fuzzy, we have a passion for yarn and the makers behind it! Whether you’re just starting out, or have decades of love for your craft, we hope to be part of your journey! We are so thankful for your support.

A bit about our beginnings

Rebecca opened the shop in 2012 with a vision of creating a space for crafters to learn, gather, and inspire. Though we’ve certainly had some challenges during this time, our vision remains.

When Rebecca is not running the shop, she’s running after her toddler! As a single mother by choice, she doesn’t always have time for knitting, but she always has several projects on her needles nonetheless! (Her daughter Miriam is never lacking in handknit sweaters.)

Our team

We are lucky to have such an amazing team of makers:  meet Madison, Jean, and Amy!

Madison joined the team in 2018, and loves making music, knitting cute softies, and coffee! She loves making color combos: matching yarns, playing with bold makeup, and changing her hair dye a couple times a month! What color will she be sporting the next time you drop in?

Jean has been knitting for 60 years and is a certified Master Knitter. She loves to share her experience and expand the knitting world of Warm n Fuzzy's clients. We call her Dr. Jean for a reason: she is a retired OB/GYN, and now spends her days knitting, teaching, and cycling.

Amy has been knitting most of her life and has explored many other crafts including crocheting, quilting, bead making, weaving and spinning. About ten years ago, she embraced knitting and began teaching on the advice of her son who said, "Mom, you should knit more. Knitting makes you happy!"