• Aviatrix Hat - A Sampler of Short Rows<br><small> Tue 2/8 & 3/1<br> 2-4 pm</small>

Aviatrix Hat - A Sampler of Short Rows
Tue 2/8 & 3/1
2-4 pm



For the safety of our students and teachers, if you are not fully vaccinated, please let us schedule you a private Zoom class.


In addition to being a fantastic place to learn a variety of short-row techniques, this is just the cutest, best-fitting baby hat out there. It stays on! It’s knitted flat! Plus an optional flower. Wow!


Instructor: Jean Carter


Prerequisites:  Basic knitting skills plus knowing how to rib.


Homework:  No need for a swatch. Gauge is not critical unless there is one particular baby head you want to fit.


Skills Learned:  Three varieties of short rows so you can choose what works best in your hands. Also pick up and knit, buttonhole and button sewing, Bonus: a knitted flower.


Materials Required:  Purchase Pattern: Aviatrix by Justine Turner (available via link or in-store). This pattern is adaptable for many yarns and sizes. For class, it would be best to use worsted yarn and a small size hat, so we can get through more in one class.


All class materials must be purchased from Warm n Fuzzy.

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