• Learn to Knit Part 4: Plan Your Project<br><small>Fri 10/27<br> 6-8 pm</small>

Learn to Knit Part 4: Plan Your Project
Fri 10/27
6-8 pm



This class is part 4 of a series designed to ensure that our students have the same level of basic skills before moving on to our project classes. They're designed specifically to cover the fundamentals of beginning knitting such that a student will leave the series with the tools to tackle most intermediate projects.


In this final session, we'll walk you through the yarn shop to choose and start a new pattern. You’ll be working independently of your classmates, giving you exposure to different patterns and methods.


Instructor: Maria


Prerequisites: Learn to Knit Part 3, or equivalent experience. 


Materials Required: Varies depending on project you choose!


All class materials must be purchased from Warm n Fuzzy.

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