• Short Rows Around the World<br><small> Sat 7/17<br> 10 am-12 pm</small>

Short Rows Around the World
Sat 7/17
10 am-12 pm



For the safety of our students and teachers, if you are not fully vaccinated, please let us schedule you a private Zoom class.


Discover three different ways to work short rows, a technique for shaping knitted fabric. We’ll explore the Wrap-and-Turn method, German Short Rows, and Japanese Short Rows. We’ll also discuss how to substitute one for the other in your patterns. Join us for a short trip around the world! 

Instructor: Amy Wentley


Prerequisites:  Know how to knit and purl comfortably


Homework: Using worsted-weight yarn and appropriately sized needles (US6 – US 8) of any type (I recommend double pointed needles if you have them), work 3 swatches as follows: Cast on 15 stitches. Work 5 rows of stockinette stitch (k 1 row, p 1 row, k 1 row, p 1 row, k 1 row). Do not bind off, leave your stitches on your needle. (You will either need to use three sets of straight or circular needles or one set of double pointed needles.)


Skills Learned:  Wrap-and-Turn, German and Japanese Short Rows


Materials Required:  The materials you worked your swatches with as well as 10 locking stitch markers. 

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