• Top Knot Hat<br><small> Tue 11/30 & 12/14<br> 10 am-12 pm</small>

Top Knot Hat
Tue 11/30 & 12/14
10 am-12 pm



For the safety of our students and teachers, if you are not fully vaccinated, please let us schedule you a private Zoom class.


This adorable 2-color hat will help you unlock the wonderful world of intarsia-in-the-round. Impossible? Not at all. Just a couple of very cute tricks.


Instructor: Jean Carter


Prerequisites:  Basic knitting skills plus


Homework:  Use your chosen yarn and needles to knit a gauge swatch. Cast on 30 stitches and work stockinette stitch (knit on one side, purl on the other) for about 3 inches. Bind off and wash the swatch the way you plan for the hat to be washed. Measure the row and stitch gauge if you know how. If not, we will do it in class. If there is a specific head you want to make this for, measure the circumference of the head just above the ears and also the distance from one earlobe top to the other, going up over the top of the head. If not, I will have standard measurements to guide you.


Skills Learned:  Intarsia-in-the-round. Even if you have done flat intarsia before, you will find this intriguing. If you haven’t, this will be great fun. There is a knack to it, but I will show it to you. Also, i-cord, grafting, making a custom-sized hat.


Materials Required:  Pattern: Top Knot Hat, by Katie Ahlquist.  Two contrasting colors of the same yarn. Fifty grams of each should be enough for an adult hat, about half of that for a baby. (The author doesn’t specify, so when in doubt, get more.) The pattern can use any weight yarn, but for the learning process, it would be best to use a worsted weight yarn, in order to get around the hat faster.


All class materials must be purchased from Warm n Fuzzy.

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